When you never expect it

388bf57133a95242942d50dd2e703bb7Hey all,
how are you? Hope a bit better than me. There’s a reason why I choose the quote from Paulo Coelho because it  perfectly represents my life right now. Do you remember that beloved one that was not feeling that well? Well…the worst happened. it happened on Tuesday 9.

This has been really a weird year for me. It started with my grandmother, the only one I’ve left because the others are not on this world anymore. She got hospitalized on February. Changed 3 hospitals, the last one…the one that took away my uncle, was almost taking away her too. Because of careless people, she risked her life. So I found myself here at work waiting for my dad to call me and tell me she passed away. But hopefully things went fine and she’s fine.

Two weeks later she  was finally sent home and my uncle got hospitalized. This is in May. He was working at his house in the garden, started having a sharp pain in belly. They called the family doctor but she couldn’t say which was the case so she suggested to call the ambulance because at the hospital they probably would’ve seen what was wrong. At the hospital they found out he had gallstones. The doctor said it’d have been a super easy surgery…yeah, it should’ve been… but the doctor, because of his negligence, or whatever, he did a crazy mess.

It has been really a long battle. The mess was done in June, but hopefully my uncle started feeling well and gave us hope. Now on September 8 he should’ve had his 8th and penultimate surgery…and after that he should’ve been finally sent home. But, for some reason they postponed it to Wednesday September 10… he never made it.

The story it’s so long and painful, but I tried to keep it short.  Even because it’s so painful to remember.

So basically me and him we were left on having a meeting on Saturday, since it should’ve been an easy surgery, for Saturday he should’ve been out of the hospital and wanted to come for lunch at my house. He wanted me to prepare him mushroom risotto. The Saturday he should’ve been home, we found ourselves hearing from the doctor he probably wouldn’t have survived the night. On Saturday September 19, we found ourselves telling him farewell.

Life is weird, as the quote from Paulo, you may have nothing happend at all, or have everything at once.

No matter how much you cry, no matter how much you suffer, life goes on. And Freddie Mercury explains it perfectly on his song.

Wish you guys a wonderful week,


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