Captivating eyes

Word on the street, you got something to show me me
Magical, colorful, Mr. Mystery
I’m intrigued for a peek, heard it’s fascinating
Come on, baby, let me see what you’re hiding

Gira voce per le strade che hai qualcosa da mostrarmi
Magico, colorato, Signor Mistero
Mi hai intrigato, voglio dare una sbirciatina,
ho sentito dire che è affascinante
avanti tesoro, fammi vedere cosa nascondi
Katy Perry

20-Peacock-Feather-Inspired-Eye-Make-Up-Designs-Ideas-Looks-21 20-Peacock-Feather-Inspired-Eye-Make-Up-Designs-Ideas-Looks-22 98bbcc6a73d92acb163465de6da3aac1 913f76283aeec49d021aa50ef50354bb 988e24886c984f0b52630ff5e61d56c3 3765974683_dda08d7828_z_large attractive-eye-makeup Awesome-Eye-Makeup-Ideas9-e1305539247796 blue-eyeshdaow-peacock Cat-Eyes-Makeup d3e5103b2ae9d7aeec418bc2a1c6c9be eyes4-300x336 Eyes-Makeup-Shade-2013 green_eye_makeup-1585 Green-Fairy-Peacock-Feather HOt-Midnight-Peacock-Eye-Makeup-2012-13 Hot-Peacock-Eye-Makeup l large makeup-from-peacock-tutorial medium_daMnUT Mystic-Nature-Makeup Party-Eye-Makeup-with-Eyelash-Extensions_01 peacock_makeup_by_kukuramutta-d2y40hg peacock_P_O_1_Draft peacock-blue-eye-makeup peacock-eye-art-pixie-cold peacock-eye-makeup peacock-makeup peacock-makeup-7 peacock-makeup-eyes poster- sephora-makeup-peacock tumblr_lhexzvGF881qb1j8ko1_500 tumblr_ly67828IXA1qglxt9o1_500 tumblr_mdazq41ESV1rik9m8o1_500 tumblr_mti5oaWM6O1sxz9iwo1_500

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