Time to catch up

Hey everyone,
how are you? Hope fine! Like a told you a few days ago, I’m having Interent problems at home. My conenction is so bad really -.- I can’t even check my email or Google something because it takes ages to load.

Anyway, I’ve no idea when they’ll fix the problem but I can’t wait for them to start writing again.
The main problem  is that I can’t upload pictures =(((  it takes ages, but I want to post again!

There’s so much I’ve to tell you, so where were we left? Oh Wow October 13th OMG!!
So, meanwhile many things happened.
I’ve a new hair cut..


me 2

How do I look? Do you like it?

After that I went with my friends at “”Internet Festival” that took place for a whole week in Pisa.
Amazing event, really liked it! So many interesting panels!
internet festival pisa 600x400_0








At the end of October, beginning of November the Lucca Comics & Games took place. It’s one of the most important events in Europe for anime/manga/game freaks like me. This year it was even bigger and just amazing. Here are some pictures

0 j lucca12 luccamura8418-2 url

Thor lost it again ._.

76 78 79 545

Yeah, Spiderman. Always in action protecting us!  editoriale_comics_800_800_w_1__800_800

lucca_comics_2013_facebook_7 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Ugh, nice legs I’d saylucca-comics-2013-0105_t Lucca-Comics-And-Games-2013-Wade Diseny Frozen

The Umbrella  Corp arrived in Lucca 😡 I didn’t see Alice tho, probably was hidding somewhere

umbrella1 umbrella2 umbrella3 umbrella4 umbrella5


We also went at Negrita‘s (an in Italian band) concert, which was held in Pisa at teatro Verdi.

2545_10151631045051511_1860207809_n  734347_10151631044986511_1823939802_n 1382305_10151631045251511_1102327931_n 1455981_10151644047391511_1799450326_n

This picture was taken by me but as you can see the quality is sucky 😦 that’s why I took the others from their page :((IMG_3246

Last weekend we went at Andy Warhol exhibition in Pisa (Andy goes to Pisa). Amazing exhibition!! There is also Marilyn’s series. What I loved the most was Dali ahahha yeah Andy filmed him so we could see some famous people filmed by Andy, among them there was obviously Dali! Well the whole exhibiton is worth watching!
The exhibition is ending in February so if you happend to come in Italy and in Pisa, you can still watch it!

interne6 warhol-pisa-ottobre-2013

That’s not all, there was also Dolcemente, a festival dedicated to chocolate and sweets in general… now, you understand that I couldn’t miss such a sweet event!
I bought chocolate obviously LOL, one  chocolate with chilli, one with pomegranate and some biscuits, always chocolate (white, dark and milk).
Our Saturday was basically like this: we started with sushi.., exhibition and then Dolcemente! We ate so much!!

7707_679411415412880_1588752700_n 539734_681892331831455_276283372_n 1002004_679399195414102_1351089001_n  1425781_679438352076853_706994034_n 1451328_679566558730699_1570978265_n 1453379_679334398753915_1889102970_n 1453518_679407855413236_496135116_n 1455132_679400245413997_719837542_n 1458556_678899308797424_309755565_n 1459902_679306475423374_819369479_n 1466075_679439222076766_732139909_n 1466123_679351382085550_1668095621_n 1468661_681892938498061_1540871729_n 1470175_679008298786525_381800511_n

This weekend instead, still in Pisa, there was the “Book Festival“. So interesting, it’s the best event for people that love to study. Now, lately I’ve been studing a lot (html, css and photoshop..nerd stuff), so haven’t really had time to read any good book but once I’m done studding, I’ll surely read something interesting. I bought a couple of books that are now waiting for me ^.^

Yesterday instead, at my friend’s house, took place the “Novello wine tasting”. I don’t know how to traslate Novello in English, it’s basically the tasting of the new wine. Her family has a farmhouse and they produce wine, olive oil, honey and other products. So yesterday they presented the new products and you could taste them, and buy if you wanted. Everything was so yummi!! I bought some olive oil and wine.

Ah wait, no events aren’t over yet ahahha. Well, this has still to take place but I’m telling you ahead so you can go and visit it if you’re on the area. It’s the “Wine and food Festival” (22-24 November), that will take place in Pisa. The local producers will present their products. You can tates them and buy. They’re all hand made tho, no big industries involved. Anyway, if you happened to be on the area, this is an event worth visiting.

The next exhibition that I’d love to see instead is the “Impressionists” in Florence, at “Palazzo Pitti” together with the “Japanese Festival” (22-24 Movember), still in Florence ^_^

In this period there are events. I warned you, the list was really long.
So, after catching up with everything, on my next post I’d like to talk again about fashion and, more precisely, about some fashion shows and collection I trully loved.

Cya on my next post, hopefully soon this time!

<3333 Armida

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