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Mille bolle blu

Look within. Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up, if thou wilt ever dig.
Marcus Aurelius

Guardate all’interno. All’interno è la fonte del bene, e che sarà mai bubble up, se tu mai scavare.
Marco Aurelio

Wish you guys a greet week!!

Vi auguro una buona settimana!

<3333 InTheClouds

1305143308567125 1308080572884895 1308080684243027 a bubble fashion lake A-Bubble-attack-for-the-finale-at-the-Il-Gufo-spring-2014-kids-fashion-show-in-Florence-proved-great-fun-for-all-concerned. Resort07_ 852 Bubble-Series-par-Melvin-Sokolsky-pour-Harper-s-magazine-1963-6 bubbles-of-fashion-altaroma-2013-L-GZkd_U OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA copertina copertina1 fashion-in-bubble-03 fashion-in-bubble-08 from-the-series-fashion-in-a-bubble-over-new-york-a-1963-art-photo-by-american-photographer-melvin-sokolsky melvin-sokolsky-faces-in-window-simone-daillencourt-paris-1963 SokolskyBubble01 SokolskyBubble05 SokolskyBubble06 SokolskyBubble07 SokolskyBubble08 SokolskyBubble09 SokolskyBubble10 SokolskyBubble11 SokolskyBubble12 tumblr_lui1yf8YJ31r3d194o1_500 tumblr_mmhrj9K6Zn1rhvreho1_500

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