La barbe à papa

Clouds in the sky are sea of cotton candy. If I could fly, I’d go up there and jump from one cloud to another and and driven by the wind would fly from one side to another of the world.

Le nuvole nel cielo some come un mare di zucchero filato. Se potessi volare andrei lassù e salterei da una nuvola all’altra. Spinta dal vento volerei da una parte all’altra del mondo.

Cotton Candy clouds_thumb[5] images p18 cotton candy fog 1f71a3252ee407be6a94e075878789cc 3.5+Cotton+Candy+Bouquet 7fc9ca4a00d2c6b044663266eb4ce8e1 adorable-cotton-candy-cottoncandy-fashion-girl-outfit-Favim.com-84040_large beautiful-beauty-candy-cotton-candy-cute-fashion-Favim.com-71801 blond-cotton-candy-fashion-girl-hair-Favim.com-158072 candy-candy-floss-casamento-color-colour-cotton-Favim.com-39085 A model displays creation by Japanese designer Eri Utsugi during Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo cc-head21 clouds-cotton-candy-cute-fashion-glitter-katy-perry-Favim.com-70443 cotton candy british vogue 08 2  cotton candy hair 1 cotton_candy_cupcakes_recipe_large cotton_candy_lip_art_by_chuchy5-d5bnq2z  CottonCandy_1 cotton-candy-clouds cottoncandycloudszm cotton-candy-smore cotton-candy-tree Cotton-Will_CottonCandyKaty-SMALL-1024x877 DeathByCottonCandy fashion_scans_remastered-karlie_kloss-w-october_2012-scanned_by_vampirehorde-hq-2 Favim.com-35mm-analog-beautiful-beauty-blue-210399 Favim.com-21488 IMG_1303 IMG_1309 IMG_8015 I-Want-Cotton-Candy katrina-kaif-cotton-candy-faces-brunettes-women-1024x1280 mary_jimmy_afws14_007-1 myyahaira -cotton candy look 11 nest Paris Fashion Week (Alexander McQueen Fall 2012) 32 tumblr_ld6v4ejypx1qap9gw tumblr_m02m44FuFS1qeevboo1_500 will cotton cotton candy clouds gastronomista will-cotton-cotton-candy-clouds-13 xbeauty-school-dropout.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.tlxHngfVcV xwomean-with-balls-for-w-magazine-layout.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.GD5i98-4_s


7 thoughts on “La barbe à papa”

    1. Hi! Sorry for the delay and glad you like my blog! About the pictures it takes me a while. I chosoe them from the web. At first I start saving all these that are cute. After that, try to filter and choose these I like the most. I’d say, around 1h+ pretty much

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