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To the moon and back

When I was younger, Backstreet Boys, N Sync, Five, Ultra, … used to be the most famous boybands. Do you remember them? I remember all my friends learning all the songs and dances by heart ahahhaa
Oh my, if I think about it, I can still see them dancing and sining, and stuff ahahahha

Anyways, since I’m weird ._. if I say so myself, my favourite band used to be Savage Garden. I stimply felt in love with their songs. Hopefully they didn’t dance so I didn’t have to learn any dancing ahaha

So I was listing at their sogns these days and “To the Moon and back” insipred my for my post.
And what about Sailor Moon? Oh my, I grew up watching that anime 😀
Hope you like it and tell me which is/ was (if you’re a bit odler like me) your favourite boyband? And, do you know/like Sailor Moon?


Quando ero un pochino più giovane, Backstreet Boys, N Sync, Five, Ultra, …erano le boyband del momento. Ve le ricordate? Oh Mamma! Tutte a impararsi a mente i testi ed i balletti. O perchè le collezioni degli album fotografici? Ahahhaha! Se ci ripenso mi vengono in mente le mie amiche che cantano e ballanno le loro canzoni.
Comunque, visto che sono strana (e se lo dico io..) la mia band preferita erano i Savage Garden… Mi innamorai della loro musica! Fortunatamente loro non ballavano, quindi non ho dovuto impararmi nessun balletto hahaha

In questi giorni, mi sono rimessa ad ascoltare le loro canzoni ed il mio post di oggi è stato ispirato in aprticolare da “To the moon and back”.
E vogliamo parlare di Sailor Moon? Io sono scresciuta guardando questo anime! 😀
Spero vi piaccia e ditemi qual’è /è stata (se avete la mia età) la vostra boyband preferita? E, ovviamente, conoscete/vi piace Sailor Moon?


2013-Free-Shipping-Star-And-font-b-Moon-b-font-fashion-crystal-ring-made-with-swarovski 12960687-beautiful-fashion-woman-stylized-like-moon-girls 437947954_640 6857851506_4c05042fe2 Abraham-Cruz-fashion-sailor-moon-9 beautiful-moon-clothing-buttons-upscale-natural Design-Fashion-Nobody-sees-us-but-the-man-in-the-moon e203-925-silver-earring-fashion-women-s-moon fang3 fashion_copper_star_moon_charm_bracelet_with_925_sterling_silver_plated_31603969_1 fashionable-sailor-moon-abraham-cruz fashion-haul-to-the-moon-back-L-ncw6zw Basic RGB fly1 Fly-me-to-the-Moon-5 Free-shipping-font-b-Goddess-b-font-of-the-font-b-moon-b-font-earrings-fashion full moon galaxy universe space star cluster photo rock t-shirt size m  sumspaceshop - clothing on a-f22207 Full-Moon-Odyssey-Floor-Pillow-by-Lily-Suh HB-China-fly-me-to-the-moon-benjamin-kanarek jesus-of-the-moon-01 jesus-of-the-moon-02 jesus-of-the-moon-03 jesus-of-the-moon-04 lisa-marc-jacobs-638x425 modern-fashion-moon-star-led-k9-crystal-ceiling modern-fashion-moon-star-led-k9-crystal-ceilingì MoonKyuLee MoonKyuLee3 NEW-Fashion-child-real-pendant-light-sallei-font-b-moon-b-font-pendant-light-rustic-bedroom NightMoonFashionPhoto rebecca-grife-moon-fashion-collection-orecchini rebecca-half-moon-fashion-collection-collana-bhmkbb81 sailor-moon-wardrobe-update-balmain sku_227633_1 Special-necklace-female-short-design-fashion-vintage-eye-jewelry-the-font-b-moon-b-font-font ThierryMugler tumblr_m9cf6zFkX21qcg7tb  Fly-Me-To-The-Moon-Pittsburgh-Events

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