Pierres colorées

I was reading Vogue Paris Online and got captivated by this article Les pierres colorées de Pippa Small s’exposent chez White Bird“.

Each Paris Fashion Week provides an opportunity for Stephanie Roger highlight a talent she exhibits in its concept store in the rue du Mont-Thabor. From June 25 to July 6, the chart of colored stones Canadian designer Pippa Small who will be honored. A haven to discover between two shows.

Stavo leggendo questo articolo su Vogue Paris online e mi sono innamorata di questo articolo “Les pierres colorées de Pippa Small s’exposent chez White Bird

La settimana Moda Parigina offre l’occasione a Stephanie Roger di mettere in risalto dei talenti, esposti nel suo concept store in rue du Mont-Thabor. Dal 25 giugno al 6 luglio sarà possibile ammirare le pietre colorate realizzate dalla designer canadese Pippa Small. Possiamo dire, un paradiso da scoprire tra i due spettacoli.

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12 thoughts on “Pierres colorées”

  1. These pieces are art! I will definitely look up Pippa Small and Stephanie! Thanks for sharing the photos and info! Great post! ~ Global Jewelry

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