Alexander McQueen

Hey everyone,
I was reading Vogue Paris online when my  attention was cough by this article regarding Alexander McQueen. Eyrolles has pubblished a book that traces the life and the creations of the brilliant McQueen. What to say more, the pictures speak for themselves…really wonderful!

Ciao a tutti,
stavo leggendo Vogue Paris online quando la mia attenzione è stata catturata da questo aricolo su Alexander McQueen in cui si parla di questo omonimo libro pubblicato da Eyrolles il quale ripercorre la vita e le geniali creazioni dello stilista.
Che dire di più, le immagini parlano da sole…sono davvero meravigliose.


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10 thoughts on “Alexander McQueen”

  1. I don’t want to sound negative regarding McQueen but drawing skulls and using death as a theme works more like a black magic. I know skeptics might laugh but this is no fun. People stop surrounding yourself with skulls and themes of death rather admire themes of life and you will help to spread higher vibration across. World needs it in these times of decadence.

    1. Hello,
      ok don’t worry, feel free to express your opinion. None has the right to laugh at you since you didn’t say anything silly, on the contrary that’s really mature!

      I understand perfectly what you mean. Me too I’m not a big fan of this fashion, skulls, deaths, etc. etc..

      For what concerns McQueen’s what I like about him is the genius and the skull in him, I see it as a derivation for theater, William Shakespeare. Some of his creations are really cute and I’d wear them while the others are not, I see them as superb costumes.

      Again, I agree with you = O is true, I do not understand this love for death and all, but I guess it’s also a a derivation of this crisis, who knows.

      Thanks again for your comment and please feel free to express it anytime.
      Ciaoo and Happy Easter!

      1. :))) Yes the craft is definitely amazing. However even Lagerfeld once said if u play a lot with death….. well we all know what happened to him. McQueen to me is like a brother to Thierry Mugler. They r both one of the best to me. Oh this reminds me the time when I used to be obsessed with fashion TV when I was 14 haha :)))))

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