Result of genius and patience

A butterfly, a fairy, a ballerina, a crown, a dragonfly… an explosion of shapes, lights and colors. A work of art, the result of intelligence and patience.

Una farfalla, una fata, una ballerina, una corona, una libellula.. un esplosione di forme, di luci e di colori. Un’opera d’arte, frutto dell’intelligenza e della pazienza.

413151_10150664171008440_70299146_o 427249_10150637611533440_910764468_n 484776_10151258905218440_701343704_n 198838_10150115385033440_1597299_n 179536_10150945969618440_749779938_n 61472_10151189357563440_1414254164_n 483_10151374827638440_158768805_n 734660_10151260276638440_173477828_n 542668_10151357869478440_1497020536_n 537605_10150639415828440_446447166_n 531942_10151209481663440_1110338785_n 207362_10150142918873440_7266464_n 208353_10150157715203440_680976_n 215914_10150149239118440_2034341_n 268981_10150232506823440_4391144_n 283646_10150968076468440_853874374_n 307655_10151230497353440_125379033_n

281874_10151078378658440_37978627_n 199683_10150111509603440_5890350_n

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