A great little gem

Hard, soft, leather, lined with Swarovski or turtle is definitely the queen of accessories for the evening, becoming, decade after decade a veritable cult piece. It never fails, be it the Red Carpet, parties, events, galas, we find it always inevitable. But what I’m talking about? Well the clutch of course, but I’m sure that you already knew it right from the start thanks to the clues that I gave you. ^^

However, did you know that its history dates back to 1800? At that time, women used to use small pockets in silk, embroidered, called “grids”, the ancestors of today’s evening bag. The grids were used to carry a few essentials like a perfume bottle, needle and sewing thread, an embroidered handkerchief and salts, in case of a possible faint. Unfortunately, in the nineteenth century, the clutch lost its charm. We have, in fact, to wait until the period of the Second World War to see its return to the limelight.

I am sure that like me you also love it and is a must-have accessory in your closet. For this post I have selected for you some pictures of clutch. Some have a classic shape, others a little ‘curious. Even the colors and materials used are different. In my opinion its main beauty or at least one that appeals to me is that such a small object has details and a form so beautiful, and it’s the proof that the smallest details in each look is vital.

Well, these are my choices for you.
I hope you like them!


14 thoughts on “A great little gem”

  1. Clutches are my favorite thing ever!! haha In some of my pics on my blog I show a gold vintage avon clutch I use ALL the time!!! Sometimes a girl doesn’t feel like carrying around a big bulky purse!! Also that was an interesting fact about the clutch. I did not know that.

  2. Love all those clutches and bags, girl. 🙂 Thank you so much for following and reading my blog. You’re always liking my posts… thank you for that… You’re a doll! And congrats on winning the Liebster award!

    1. Oh you don’t have to thank me, it’s me who must thank you 🙂
      I love reading and I love your posts so one like it’s not enough!
      Wish you a great weekend!

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