La Vie En Rose

Hey everyone,

do you know this song? Personally I love it. Simple and delicate with a soft rhythm. The text, it’s pure poetry.

That’s why I thought it was the best choice for today’s post. Since its San Valentine I thought this song was the perfect soundtrack for it. How are you going to celebrate it? I have a match with my team and after that we’re going out and will celebrate it among ladies. What about you?

For today’s post  I’d like to share with you some hand painted works made by my friend Sara.

Sara held a degree in Arts, taken at the “Accademia delle Belle Arti” in Florence. She has also a Master Degree, taken at the University of Bologna. She specialized in illustrations of books for blind children.  Me and Sara used to be on the same class in high school.  And for all festivals, Christmas, Eastern, birthdays, etc., instead of purchasing the present, we used to make it by ourselves. We made bracelets, earrings, holders, paintings. We actually published a book together. It was a tale for children and the story was mine while most part of drawings were hers, I did only a couple of them and helped her with the coloring.

The reason why I decided to share with you her works it’s not because I’d like to promote her or what. She actually stands out on her own. I just believe that something that’s made, not purchased, is simply something beautiful, something to treasure forever. I’m sorry, I understand sometimes I’m really simple and might sound silly.

Anyways, after sharing with you a bit of myself, here are some of the works made by Sara. What do you think? Do you like them?

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