Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way!

Hello everyone,

how have you been? Christmas eve is almost finised here in Italy. Are you ready for Christmas? I’m happy for tomorrow but also worried >.< I a going to spend it home with my family and our relatives which means me and mom will have to prepare food for 25 people, more or less, so owww. Happy about the presents but tomorrow will be a busy day for me, but spending it with the family and everyone ^^ is so amazing so, can’t w8.

Anyways, since I’m going to spend it home tomorrow, I’m going to show you a casual look, these are basically my clothes for tomorrow. Hope you like them.

Later this week, I’ll show also what I got for New Year and some other proposals.

Alright here is my look for tomorrow:


I bought the jersey at charget for 12 euro, I got pants at “In the End” a store at Barberino Outlet, for 18 Euro; bought the shoes at Maxitracce for 15 euro and the earring are the very last thing I purchased, got them this Friday at ISI, an accessories shop near to my work place, and paid them 6 euro.

That’s it pretty much, it’s a simply look but I like it and think is perfect for tomorrow.

What do you think?Do you like it?

Since, as I already told you, tomorrow will be a real busy day for me, I take this opportunity to wish you guys Merry Christmas!



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