Here comes the sun….

After a rainy weekend here come’s the sun ^^ I don’t know how the weather by you is but here is finally sunny 🙂 and real cold! It was funny to see today my brother’s car, which is black, completely white like mine >.<

Even if it is so cold, I still like it. Around lunch time a bright sun comes out and it’s such a cool thing to watch, the weather outside its amazing.

Anyways, it took me more then usual to write this time. Unfortunately I’ve been real busy with work, we got some important deliveries. I had also to skip volleyball this week but I’m catching up this weekend. One of my best friends invited me to… she called it “SSS” which stands for  Saturday Shopping Sushi. It should be a meeting among friends and we’re going to get some presents, since it’s almost Christmas time, and we’re going to have lunch together. Can’t wait for Saturday >.<

Anyways, uhm presents for Christmas, I don’t know you but I’ve to get almost everything.. have done only 2 and have to do all the rest. Kind of undecided what to get. I think I’ll be doing some little bracelets and earrings, made by me, for my female friends and.. the guys, have no idea what to get. I need to think about it.

Alright, after this little chat about weather and Christmas presents, I’d like to introduce you my next thread. It’ll be about accessories this time. Since, as I said, I’m thinking of making some bracelets and earrings for my friends, I thought this could be a good idea to talk about it. I’ll show you some super cute stuff I found around and also some stuff I did myself.

Cya on next thread then,

<3<3 Armida

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